Uncover key opportunities for improving the value and performance of your website. Only $240 - that's 50% off the regular price.
SEO Audit Service
We'll help you find low-hanging fruit that can yield massive improvements in terms of traffic, rankings, and sales through your website.
Identify Quick Fixes
Key Metrics
Design & Functionality
We help you find social platforms that will bring more engagement, leads, and customers.
Social Media Strategy

Improve Site Security & Performance

By speeding up your site and making sure it's secure, you'll build trust and positive reputation with your audience. This means more sales. 

Identify Opportunities For Growth

From social media traffic to keyword mapping, our audit service helps you to find key opportunities to grow your website.

Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Watching your Google rankings climb is a thrilling feeling, and we can help you to achieve it by deploying proven SEO strategies.

Professional SEO services

Get A Custom Website Audit

Our website SEO audit service will help you find the best opportunities for increasing your search engine rankings and organic traffic. The benefits are clear:

Get more people visiting your website

Generate more online leads and business in less time

Increase the profitability of your site

Here's How We Help You

Our audit will cover a number of key areas:

Crucial Site Metrics

Any good website audit starts by looking at key metrics. At NZ SEO we delve into some of the most important ones, including optimising your page loading speed and domain authority. 

Technical SEO Tweaks

We identify technical SEO errors that are holding your site back from getting the best possible Google search rankings and costing you traffic and sales.

Link Profile Analysis

Links are the lifeblood of effective SEO. We analyse the internal and external link structure of your site, and find the best opportunities for improvement. 

Keyword Research

By ensuring your site is targeting the right keywords, we will help you get better rankings, more traffic, and ultimately increase the profitability of your site. 

Content Quality Assurance

They say that "content is king" - and we agree. We will audit your content to identify key opportunities for improvement. Waging war on low-quality content, we will help you win better rankings.

Social Media Opportunities

If you're not doing social media right, then you are missing out on a huge slice of the pie. Our audit will help find the best social opportunities for you.